What is Identity Server 4 Admin UI?

The Identity Server Admin UI is a robust application for administrative purposes. This has a single sign-in feature and the administrator can easily and efficiently create and manage the databases and security configurations. This also checks the real-time data of operations and many other things.  

The Admin UI helps in taking care of all Identity Server configuration tasks including authorizing new client apps by the protocols and grant types. This also helps in managing the users more efficiently. 


Admin UI Services:- 

  • IIS7+ Hostable
  • Supports Azure
  • API for custom integration
  • Token revocation
  • Configure identity with ease
  • Simplified client configuration
  • Internal user access control

Solutions We Provide:-

  • Single signup authentication
  • Efficient data managing and reporting
  • Multiple tenants management
  • Easy data access and management


Tech Stacks We Use:-

  • Xamarin
  • Microsoft Dot Net
  • Angular
Dipanshu Roy