Identity Server Admin UI

The Identity Server Admin UI developed by us is a very robust application for admin purposes. This has a single sign-in feature and the admin can manage and create the most efficient database and security configurations. This also helps in checking the real-time data of operations and much more. 


Problems Solved By Our Admin UI:-

There are a few problems that a business faces in the absence of Admin UI. Here are a few of them:-

Fixing the problems while managing data set-up and admin operations.

Hindrance in assigning different people with the required module access.

Trouble in distributing templates, reports, or common dashboards with the tenants efficiently. Solving the problems in administering and managing multiple tenant environments simultaneously.  Reduced efficiency as single sign-on authentication is not possible. 


Features Of Our Admin UI:- 

  • IIS7+ Hostable
  • Smooth running on Azure
  • Easily deployed on Docker
  • Client app configuration simplified
  • Multilingual support
  • Complete system audit
  • Programmable Web API
  • Advanced IdentityServer configuration
  • Easy user management
  • Import & export client configuration
  • Configurable admin permission
  • Easy configuration of identity and resource scope


Feasibility Of Our Efficient IdentityServe Admin UI:- 

We partner with businesses/services by offering them the most flexible solutions for the Admin UI that blends with the organizational infrastructure.

We do thorough research and analyze the requirements of our clients.

Our team of experienced developers stays updated with the latest trends in the market.


What Makes Us Extremely Feasible?

  • Providing the best ever UI with easy controls is our priority.
  • Customized API integration.
  • Risks for access are reduced substantially.


Challenges We Face While Developing The Most Efficient Admin UI:-

To successfully design and implement a customized Admin UI that perfectly blends with different organizations is one of the most challenging tasks. Here are some of the challenges we have faced and have efficiently conquered!

  • Customization of the management portal requires time and dedicated effort.
  • Providing the Admin UI in both the mobile and web app versions was one of the most challenging tasks.
  • Integrating all the admin functions under one umbrella. 
  • Creating various prototypes for companies and upgrading them to their best versions. 


Our Efficient Admin UI Solutions:- 

We provide the best ever solutions to our clients for regular admin problems. Our top-notch Admin UI can effortlessly handle all the admin operations with ease.

  • Our Admin UI functionalities allow managing data setups for reporting by controlling visual information sources.
  • Admins can configure the functionality and module access to tenants.
  • Our Admin UI supports single sign-on authentication.
  • A system-level admin can manage multiple tenant environments simultaneously.
  • Templates, reports, and common dashboards can be easily distributed to system tenants.


Tech Stack We Use For Developing The Most Efficient Admin UI:- 

We have implemented a combination of the most efficient programming languages like Xamarin, Angular and.NET core to make the app accessible for daily active users. The selection of the tech stack is decided upon by gathering a complete insight into the project and future requirements.




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