Helping developers in producing single sign-on solutions based on IdentityServer

Developing a single sign-on solution is not an easy task for any developer. The developer must have a great understanding of the requirements and should have the ability to handle the bugs. The IdentityServer helps your business by greatly improving productivity and providing reassurance.

Options For Development Support:-

Remote Support:- 

These support packages are ideal for getting quick expert advice for your development team.

  • Facing issues in implementing something in IdentityServer?
  • Need a quick code review of a feature?
  • Want some advice or best practices?

Our experienced team of developers is capable enough to assist you via email, screen sharing, or phone call. 

The remote support packages can be purchased in 8-hour blocks and consumed in one-hour units. Please contact us for knowing the prices for the same. 

On-Site Support:- 

The On-site support is ideal when someone wants a longer session with an experienced IdentityServer expert.

  • Extensive code reviews.
  • Pair programming on a key feature of your solutions.
  • Architecture advice

Our experienced team will come to your place of work and engage with your development team to provide the best advice on the implementation of IdentityServer. 

On-Site support packages can be purchased in one-day blocks.

Health Check:-

These are ideal for situations when one has developed a solution and, prior to deploying the same to production. You just want an IdentityServer expert to give it a thorough review. 

Health checks can be undertaken remotely or can be done on-site also. Our team will spend time with your development team and the source code to review the process of implementation. A health check process generally takes a day of Q&A  and we follow it up with a written process and focus on the prior deployment of the written process. 


We provide complete workshops for IdentityServer and wish to customize the same into your enterprise’s specific requirements. We can also supply customized workshops. 

The workshops consist of a mixture of focused lectures and mentored development sessions. The final outcome is an instance of IdentityServer customized according to your requirement and can be easily supported by you.